As promised, I’ve added a blogroll of other great genealogy blogs. Many of these were recommended by Lisa Louise Cooke in her “Family History: Genealogy Made Easy” podcast, and created  by listeners to the show. The blogs often chronicle the writer’s research process, but each writer takes a distinctly personal approach, so each blog has its own flavor. Some of the blogs have been updated recently, while others haven’t had a new post in several years, but I’m going to be scanning them all for hints, tips, and tricks on how to make this blog better. I’ll also be on the lookout for other genealogy and family history blogs that I can add to the roll.

By the way, even though Lisa Louise Cooke has not released a new episode of the Family History podcast in several years, I still find the existing episodes useful for beginning genealogists like me.. Her current podcast, “Genealogy Gems,” seems to be aimed at more experienced genealogists, but a newcomer can still pick up lots of useful information. I recommend both shows.