Alabama is the red one.

One of the daily blogging prompts at GeneaBloggers is “Follow Friday” in which bloggers write about blogs, blog posts, or websites they are following in their research and why they find them useful. I’m only getting around to this prompt today (Saturday) but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Beginning last night and continuing today, I’ve added all the blogs currently available in the Alabama Genealogy category of GeneaBloggers to my blogroll. That may seem like overdoing it a little, but I figure that since I’m really just getting started with my research, I have no idea where clues to my paternal Alabama ancestors might turn up. I’d like to meet bloggers with connections to the same state I’m researching in the hopes that they can point me in the right directions and share what they’ve learned with me. As my research into my mother’s side of the family expands, I want to make similar connections with South Carolina and Virginia genealogy bloggers.